About Us

TurnText has been In the publishing industry since 1990 and digitizing publications for over 8 years. We are THE knowledge leader of the industry. We have consulted and worked with hundreds of companies. We have studied most all systems and can show you how we are the BEST! Accept no substitutions, imitators, cheap or expensive software. Offering full and self serve service, no monthly recurring fees, and the lowest prices; TurnText is your best choice for digitizing, controlling, monetizing, and increasing readership of all your publications and documents.


TurnText not only gets your documents online and on any mobile device, but also consults with you to:


  •  Secure your publications and documents


  •  Generate increased readership, distribution and social networking


  •  Generate increased advertising revenue with tools and features of the TurnText system


  •  Monetize publications such as magazines, news papers and books with our automated subscription and Paypal system


  •  Track who your readers are and what they are reading with our real-time, on-demand TurnText statistics system and Google analytics

www.TurnText.com - We produce your documents into digital Documents, publications, online publications, digital magazines, online magazines.


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