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Works on Any Mobile Device

One process works on PC, laptop, Macs, iPad, iPhone, Android Tab, Android Phone, Blackberry devices.  Built with Flash and HTML5, your content looks and feels like an app but is accessed through the browser via a single URL. Your readers get a custom app-like experience no matter what device they use.

Tap, pinch and swipe. TurnText mobile has true native-app feel all in the mobile browser.


Text only reading mode. Use our "T" button on the mobile toolbar for easy reading. You can even choose white on black text or black on white text.



Bring static publications to life with a full array of Multi Media. New ways to engage your readers and provide new revenue streams.

Streaming Video

Streaming Video

Embed videos right on the page to enhance your readers' experience. You're in control with features such as auto-play and play-on-zoom.



Embed sound right on the page to enhance your readers' experience. Music, commercials, read along text and more.



Embed FLV and SWF interactive content and animation right on the page to enhance your readers' experience.



Overlay pictures over any part of the publication.

Social Integration

Social Integration

Spread across the social web

Allow your readers to share your publication on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and hundreds more.

Social Widgets

Place your social widgets beside your document or anywhere on the page!

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Powerful search engine optimization gets your publications to the top. With so many entry points, more searched keywords land on your publication. TurnText submits all text and keywords to the most popular search engines. You can even customize textual content and key words.


Real-Time Detailed Statistics

Track your readers' engagement by viewing zoom-in patterns, page views and other interactions. You'll be able to see what articles or ads on a page draw the most attention. Input dates, titles, clickthroughs, pages, etc. for unlimited detailed statistics. See the whole picture with our new dashboard view. TurnText provides dot overlay to show what is drawing the reader's attention.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Link your TurnText account with your Google Analytics account to gain even more insight of your readers, even down to the page level!

Limelight, Speedy Content Delivery

Speedy Content Delivery

TurnText uses Limelight Networks who is the premier content delivery partner for thousands of entertainment, technology, enterprise, and government entities around the world. Your readers do not have to wait.

Secure Login

Secure Your Documents

TurnText cloud-based interactive publishing software protects your content . You have complete control over how readers can view, download or print your publications. Use your own database to authenticate users remotely. You can also utilize our own full feature subscription system. Control the time the publication is live.

Electronic Document Distribution

Document Distribution

TurnText allows companies to easily distribute large documents. You can choose to allow readers to download the entire document, single pages or print pages. You can also turn these functions off to secure and control your documents.

Widget and Embed

Widget and Embed

Keep your readers informed with your Twitter feed, custom HTML or any other embeddable code you desire.


Perfect for Coupons

Predefine clipping areas such as coupons so your readers can easily clip them into a virtual basket, email to their friends or print in high-resolution.

Branded Digital Reader

Brand Your Digital Reader

Add your logo and color scheme to your digital reader to streamline with your existing marketing effort.

Fine Print

Never Miss the Fine Print

With TurnText, your readers get a high-resolution reading experience for even the finest print.

Geo Location Campaigns

Geo Location Campaigns

Target your audience by creating Geo Location Campaigns that show specific content to specific regions by cities, states, or areas of the world.  Same link shows your version of publications according to where the reader is.

Tabs List

Tabs List

Enhance your desktop reader experience with tabs along the side of your publication.

Automated Email Delivery
Automated Email Delivery

Automated Email Delivery

Harvest emails by having readers enter their email before forwarding them to your publication or letting them sign up optionally with our customizable subscriber form.  (Free)

Create customized email campaigns to keep your readers informed of each new issue. Our system will automate the task and include the most current cover of your publication. (Extra charge)

Automated Email Delivery
Automated Email Delivery
Microsoft Tag
QR Code

Microsoft Tag and QR Codes

TurnText generates Microsoft Tag and QR Codes for you to connect people with information, entertainment and interactive experiences of your publication.


Links and Auto Linking

TurnText will convert your documents and anything linked on the PDF will be linked on your live publication.

TurnText goes way further by providing:


Auto Links: Websites & Emails

This feature is always ready for you to use. Whether it be during your initial upload of your PDF, or if you want to apply it to an already published edition. It will convert all text/font that is of a standard website or email format into a interactive hyperlink. This feature will recognize most standard formats of website and email addresses.


Auto Links: Regular Expressions

The regular expressions tool is exceptionally powerful. As an example, it could be used to find all codes within your document and replace with a link that corresponds to that code. A catalog of products that link to an e-commerce item is the most common example where this tool is extremely useful.

A regular expression (regex or regexp for short) is a special text string for describing a search pattern. You can think of regular expressions as wildcards on steroids.


Link Statistics

TurnText tracks link clicks in our statistics system. Perfect to show your advertisers.


API Interface

The TurnText API interface allows you to do just about anything.

You can think of our system as a platform for converting your content to different pieces of information.

TurnText provides plenty of apps, widgets and gadets for displaying your converted content, but with the API and a little bit of programming, you can create your own apps, widgets, bookshelfs, newsstands, portals or any other word you can think to describe content consumption.

Automatic Conversations

Automatic Conversions

Streamline your digital publishing process with our FTP scheduler. You set the schedule of where and when to pick up new PDFs from your FTP server. We will even merge multiple files into one and publish your new issue on schedule. Schedule when the new issue is to go live. Perfect for weekly and daily publications.


Search Within Your Publication

Your entire digital publication is completely searchable by keyword giving your readers faster access to the content they want. You can search the current edition or across all archive editions.


Subscription System and Paypal Integration

TurnText offers a complete subscription management system. You can offer free or paid subscriptions along with preview modes. Import and export subscribers, allow online signups, online payments, double opt-in email verification, time and issue subscriptions, power tool management, email captures, expiration notices and more. TurnText does it all.


Best of all, TurnText ties into your own Paypal account so you keep 100% of the revenue. No revenue sharing like most competitors charge.

Subscriber List
Subscription Form
Import Multiple Subscribers
Annotation Tools

Annotation Tools

Give your users the ability to bookmark pages as well as make notes anywhere on a page - across all platforms, even on mobile devices.



Activate the optional archive tool bar button to allow readers to view and search all of your past issues. You can turn off to allow viewers to only view the most recent issue.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Any bookmarks in your PDF's convert automatically to a table of contents in your TurnText publication. Readers can click on the TOC button anytime from the tool bar for quick navigation. You can also add and modify content after your publication is uploaded.

Advertisers' Index

Advertisers' Index

Create a list of all advertisers in your publication for quick reader access. Readers can access it at anytime from the tool bar.

Branded URL

Branded URL

You can choose your own custom branded URL that shows in the URL line and works seamlessly across all platforms. (Extra charge) - We produce your documents into digital Documents, publications, online publications, digital magazines, online magazines.


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